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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland, bart is in the middle of a quite a bit of controversy. a new general manager is about to walk right into it and try to deal with it. board of drrblg itself is expected to choose a new gm for bart today. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose the questions is how far is too fast and how slow is too slow when you are driving around the school?
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a controversy about it. >> weather-wise we have a few clouds out this morning but cool conditions affecting even with a lot of sunshine. i've got summer in the forecast. good morning, i'm sue hall in the traffic center, bay bridge toll plaza, it's light. we're going to give you drive times in a few minutes. i can't wait to hear when it's going to come in. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> topping our news this half-hour a statewide amber alert is issued for a missing girl from hollister. christina ramirez was reported missing around 4:00 p.m. in san beni on to county. she is hispanic, 85 pounds, last seen wearing a school uniform with a white blouse and blue skirt. authorities believe her father, 34-year-old kidnapped her. he is described as 5'6", 150
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pounds and has a tattoo on his left calf. the vehicle is white honda odyssey minivan with the license plate on your screen. all the protests and recent problems at bart they are expected to name a full time leader today. they expect new general manager worked under president clinton. who is she? >> reporter: she is from seattle and she has a lot of work ahead of her. as a bart rider you may be expecting better train service and train upkeep but she has bigger issue to deal with. that is these weekly protests by people who are mad at bart for few reasons, upset about the fatal shooting of a homeless man in july by bart police. a man they say was armed with a knife. protestors are also mad about bart's decision to shut off
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cellphone service during a protest. bart board member tells me she has been trying to negotiate with these protestors and she wants to meet with the new gm right away about getting this under control. 6 she is going to be a busy lady. had here she is. she is expected to get the job in a voted today. kernigan ran the transportation in seattle after she was forced out after a. >> snow now works as a transportation consultant. the big job to take on all this controversy and system has to deal with the running of trains, 350,000 people ride bart. the board is expected to vote on a new gm and she is expected to get the job in a closed-door session at 9:00 this morning. if a san jose city councilman gets his way speed
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limit around schools will be slower than the current 25 miles an hour. he says it's for student safety but believe or not there is opposition. terry mcsweeney is live at trace elementary school in san jose where the slower speed limit is already in effect. >> reporter: here at trace elementary the posted limit as you can see, 15 miles an hour when children are present and there is a move to make that the limit at all schools in san jose but there are some saying not so fast. let's take a look at the video. a councilman is sponsoring this plan and the law allows the limit of 15 miles per hour within a 1,000 feet of school. 15 has been the liry at trace at hoover and lincoln high schools for a year now. he says it's very popular. he wants to make it citywide. two problems, the change requires expensive engineering and traffic studies, hundreds of thousands of worth, san jose doesn't have that kind of money
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but he says san francisco has found a way around that. they have gotten the law imposed at 15 miles an hour. problem number two, some people including one on the council says enforcing the 25 miles per hour would be fluff. he says there are studies shows if a car is going 30 miles an hour the chance of survival is 50%. if a car is going 20 miles per hour, the chances of survival is 85 am and the topic that will be discussed at the rules committee today. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." in just a week and a half it will be one-year anniversary of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. they released a final report of this investigation into last september's explosion yesterday morning in washington, d.c. we had it for you on "abc 7 news." it shows deficiencies at every
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level including lack regulation. they said the pipe had faulty welds led to the blast. many residents in the neighborhood said they gained a sense of satisfaction from the findings. >> last 50 years i have been paying my pg&e bill and i am so disgusted with those people. the tragedy that they caused and the tragedy they brought into these family's lives. >> unfortunately i know what i say or actions i take will never be able to make up for the tragic loss of life and injury to the citizens of san bruno. the ntsb couldn't confirm who did the work but investigators say it should never have been used when it was put in the ground 54 years ago. >> the state assembly has passed a bill requiring utilities to install automatic remote control shut-off valves on gas pipelines in the state. leland yee authored the measure.
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the line that ruptured was equipped with manual shut-off valves. he believes they should bear the cost of upgrading their transmission networks. follow-up to a story we have been covering, in santa rosa, residents had a chance to vent their outrage over swatted officers with children handling automatic weapons during gang prevention week earlier this month. many residents questioned the wisdom of the police display. remember, we showed you these pictures taken at a neighborhood festival showing an officer allowing children to handle weapons. police chief defended the department saying the event was an opportunities to show people some of the tools they use to keep the community safe. five people are in oakland police custody in connection with a series of violent robberies. the search for the suspects forced a lockdown at a
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elementary school. it started after officers discovered a car linked to one of the suspects near the school. investigators say the men barricaded themselves in a home across the street from the vehicle. men begin surrendering around noon after a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house. one man had to rescued from the attic after getting stuck. >> a man was arrested of trying to take pictures of an undressed neighbor. they arrested 36-year-old man. officers said he tried to take a picture of a female neighbor while she was showering. the woman called 911 after noticing a man peek ago camera phone through a partially opened window. a federal judge has set december 16 as the date she will sentence barry bonds for obstruction of justice. a jury convicted him in april.
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they decided bonds gave evasive testimony to a federal grand jury looking into the balco scandal. he could be sentenced up to two years in prison but he is expected to give less than the maximum penalty, perhaps only house arrest. once he is sentenced he is expected to appeal the conviction. >> we're getting word in the amber alert the missing girl from hollister, apparently she has been found along with her father whom authorities considered the suspect who kidnapped her. the girl christina ramirez has been found to be. we'll continue to follow that. >> we'll bring you up to date on their conditions. right now, we'll get a weather forecast. >> cool morning, mike. >> it is cooler this morning and here is the reason why. cool air diving southward from the gulf of alaska putting up in a very cold regime for the
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afternoon hours. the winds, they are out there. they are relatively light. even calm in some areas like sfo novato and calm conditions back in santa rosa. south wind at 13 at concord. west wind at 20 in fairfield. we do see a bit of an onshore breeze trying to develop. even with the sunshine this afternoon, look how much cooler temperatures are than average. some of these areas should be around 70. average high in san francisco is 70. 70 in oakland, 74 is average high. santa rosa is 81 today, concord is 82 along with livermore should be around 80 degrees. more dominant around the coast than it was around monterey, how about some low 80s. you want dramatic weather, look at that, ten degree warm up and
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summer heat is back thursday through saturday and lesser extent on monday. live shot for you san rafael taking a look at 101 freeway headed southbound, those taillights past the civic center. we do have road work out of novato, delong and rowland avenue. 80, westbound through berkeley, starting to bunch up, headlights heading into the macarthur maze, no delays, metering lights remain off. drive times this morning, fairly typical out of antioch. i think our sensor is not working on highway 24. we'll take a look at that. 580 is pretty good ride, toward the dublin interchange. everything is running on time at the toll plaza. you know the saying, in with the new and out with the old but in the case of new bay bridge,
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the old one could be around quite a while longer. >> what a difference a price reduction makes, hp has good news for people that miss out on the bargain basement touch pads. >> and taxi riders are about on get sticker shock. >> the smell of success isn't always sweet. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪ sunnyd! ♪ it's the way you make it all fun ♪ know who makes the day sunny? my mom and sunny d!
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amber alert was cancelled for a missing 13-year-old girl from hollister. state highway patrol says the girl was found safe in san bernardino just before pga this morning. more than 15 minutes ago. she was reported missing yesterday afternoon. authorities say they found christina with her father marcelino ramirez. he has been taken into custody. she is safe. we've got a story about the bay bridge, looking at the western span but the eastern span will remain there several years even after it closes. caltrans spokesman crews will have to dismantle the old span piece by piece. it's being replaced by a suspension bridge. it will connect to oakland to yerba buena island. on monday night people got a sneak preview of what the $6 billion project will look like, construction lights illuminated temporary catwalks leading up to
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the 525 foot tower. hp plans to make one last run of tablet computers before officially retiring the device. hp cites stunning demand for the tablets after it announced it was leaving the tablets. it bombed when it was first offered at 4 you the but they gobbled them up at 199 apiece. >> starting next monday, just getting into a cab will increase by 45 cents to 3.55. meter rates will go up 50 cents a matter. taxi drivers they haven't had a raise in nearly a decade.
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a free personalized magazine for the ipad. they try to appeal from articles slkd from hundreds of different websites. cnn says it has no plan to change the format but the company may be planning to use zite's technology to customize news on other devices. >> a supermarket chain is getting customers to fill their shopping carts by filling their nose west side scents. >> they pump out art firm scents and so far its working. sales are up about 5% in the last three months. >> we have the olives that are delicious. >> everything is so yummy. you want to buy everything. >> the goal is simple, increase sales by making our customers hungry and satisfied and happy. >> the machines are just in one location but the company plans
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to add them to other stores across new york and pennsylvania. i guess no rutebega? >> you walk by and you smell that fragrant cinnamon or whatever. >> and weather forecast is says what it's like there, just like magic. here is mike. >> reporter. good morning. i can see some rain in the forecast -- but we'll work on that. >> 5:18. show you what is going on. we do have some clouds hanging around this morning but sunshine will be most prevalent in the forecast. for all of this afternoon. if you are heading to the coast, watch out for those large southerly swells coming in today. beaches will have dangerous rip
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currents. let's move on and talk about those temperatures and the fog that is developing around santa rosa. 52 degrees there. clear sky around san rafael and 48. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. monterey bay and inland, highway in gilroy. 55 in salinas and monterey. how we'll see more sunshine today. free air-conditioning is still blowing really hard off the ocean to keep our temperatures below average this afternoon. that all changes tomorrow. everything flip-flops and we have a quick warming trend that will hang around at least until saturday. back half of the weekend, dry weather and seasonal temperatures. warmest probably tomorrow and friday. let's take about what happens today. three degrees warmer in oakland. santa rosa, probably won't see much of a change, concord and san jose, four degrees cooler than yesterday. 13 hours and 2 minutes of sunshine before it sets at 7:40.
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here is a look at the cloud cover this morning and fog up in the north bay valleys. it continues to hachk around through 9:00. then never quite making into the east bay valleys or deep into the santa clara valley. by noon, clear everywhere, even around the coast, we'll see a lot of sunshine and that trend will continue through the afternoon hours. 90s. mid to upper 70s in south bay. cupertino, 77 degrees is afternoon high. low to mid-70s from san mateo all the way through the southern parts of peninsula. 69 in millbrae. low to mid-50s at the coast even with all of the sunshine. mid-60s for downtown south san francisco. low to mid-50s along the north bay beaches. wealth of 80s santa rosa northward and in the valleys mid to upper 70s. richmond and berkeley, upper 70s and 70s for everyone else.
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74 in dublin, but low to mid-80s for your neighbors. then we'll have 60-degree temperatures. 12:45 at at&t park, sunny, watch out for the sunburn potential, 62 warming up to 65 degrees. look at the temperature rise tomorrow, 8-10 degrees everywhere even at the coast, even warmer for friday, saturday slight cooling and sunday, monday and tuesday, temperatures are back to where they should be. >> in san jose, live shot of 280 headed northbound direction toward cupertino and real lighted. southbound 680 at the limit out of concord towards walnut creek. mention a little bit up here as you see up around 24, couple extra cars that might have slowing down a little bit.
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sycamore valley road, on-ramp remain closed. road work should be picked up around 6:00 this morning. checking in all of our friends, ace, ferries, no delays, problem free if you take mass transit. is the website, scroll down on the left-hand side of your computer screen and click on bay area traffic including drive times. our time is 5:21 on this wednesday morning. >> wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords continues to her remarkable recovery. latest on her condition next. ♪ ♪ and award winning bay area girls chorus. and it takes two to tango. this couple is setting the dancing world on fire.
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welcome back. it's 5:24. members of the girl's chorus are lifting their voices in protest over the loss of a favorite teacher. ♪ >> the contract of artistic director was not renewed recently by the board of directors. chorus has achieved over the top. they have sung for president obama. >> it's been heartbreaking for the girls. we are prepared but we really want some answers and why they are making that decision.
5:26 am
the parents and alum nobody notes what is going on. >> a spokesperson says the decision of non-renewal was not in haste. it was part of the process to identify goals for the chorus and future direction. >> aides say gabrielle giffords is continuing her remarkable recovery. a spokesperson says she is walking without the use of a cane and she is writing left-handed. giffords he is seen here in emotional appearance in congress. she doesn't have the full use of her right side. she was wounded at a mass shooting in tucson that left 6 people dead and 12 injured. >> a couple is taking their tango crown home. representing the host sit of buenos aires.
5:27 am
they put on flawless performance. they won the tango category on monday at columbian company had won in the more traditional. that is awesome. >> it looks like it. >> it's very classy. next an amber alert is cancelled. latest on a kidnapped girl who was just found less than 30 minutes ago. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where a councilman wants to lower the speed limit near schools down to 15 miles an hour. i'll explain in a live report. >> and major league embezzlement. and also the girl that was found in the amber alert and we wanted to tell you about a former giants' staffer that was charged with embezzlement and what is all happening now. >> high temperatures across the country, 61 in great falls but
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there is a winter storm watch up for the mountains, snow is likely so fall is on the way but you couldn't tell by look at dallas, phoenix at 112 today. flight departure delays out of baltimore. flight tracker at bottom of the front page. good grief mom, you gonna clean that thing or wrestle it?
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well, it's not going to clean itself. want me to get dad? no thank you. viva's all i need. look at that! still in one piece. yeah, so's the towel.
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[ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. good griewell, it's not going to that thing or clean itself. want me to get dad? no thank you. viva's all i need. look at that! still in one piece. yeah, so's the towel. [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose, slow down you move too fast. a city councilman says we should do it around schools some are saying i must drive 25. and also this morning, developing news, a kidnapped 13-year-old girl is found safe. the highway patrol has now cancelled a statewide amber alert. >> weather-wise we're going to see sunshine everywhere but the coolest afternoon in the
5:31 am
forecast, dramatic warming trend starting tomorrow. good morning, i'm sue hall, following wednesday morning commute. no major stalls or accidents. payroll manager for the san francisco giants faces federal charges are embezzling $1.5 million from players' accounts in the past year. good morning. it's just about 5:31. >> i'm kristen sze. >> bay area's largest city is considering a change. new proposal would reduce the speed limit near schools. terry mcsweeney is live at trace elementary in san jose. that school already has the lowest speed limit, right? >> reporter: that's right it's one of three schools with a speed limit near the school when children are present of 15 miles an hour, not 25 but there is a move to make the law of land throughout the city, not everybody likes that plan.
5:32 am
take a look at video, a councilman is sponsoring this plan and a 2008 state law allows speed limits 15 miles an hour within a 1,000 feet of school. 15 miles per hour has been the speed limit for a year here but according to the councilman, a lot of people like it. but there are problems, one is money. in order to do this you are required to have engineering and traffic studies that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars here in san jose they don't have the money. they have been laying off firefighters and police officers but he says san francisco has found around that requirement and has imposed the law itself. problem number two, some people say there is nothing wrong with 25 mile-an-hour limit as long as it's enforced. according to one study, your
5:33 am
chances of surviving impact at 30 miles per hour is one in two, your chance of surviving impact at 20 miles per hour is 85 out of hundred so your odds go up when you reduce the impact from 30 down to 20 miles an hour. this will be talked about today here in san jose in front of the rules committee. just about 5:33. developing news, a statewide amber alert has been cancelled in the past 30 minutes for a missing 13-year-old girl from hollister. chp says the girl, christina ramirez was found safe in san bernardino just before 5:00 this morning. she was reported missing yesterday afternoon. authorities say they found her with her father, 34-year-old marcelino ramirez. he has been taken into custody. >> the one-year anniversary of the deadly pipeline explosion
5:34 am
and national transportation safety board released the final report into the investigation of the explosion. they found deficiencies in every level. n.t.s.b. that pipe with faulty welds led to the blast. it continue confirm who did the work but they should never have been used when it was put in the ground. they have gained a sense of satisfaction from the findings. john alston has more. >> the last time ed lived here he was being chased by a ball of flames. now in the process of rebuilding and suing pg&e, he thinks the n.t.s.b. nailed it by putting the blame mostly on the utility. >> look at this, a great neighborhood gone because the pipes. it's simple. i don't want this to happen again. we lost good friends and lost good neighbors for what?
5:35 am
greed, right? >> they installed poorly welded lines and failed to inspect them. the report called for automatic shut off valves to prevent the fireball that went unchecked in san bruno. all findings that did not surprise people that live around the state siet. >> for the last 50 years i have been paying my pg&e bills. i am at the at the so disgusted with them. tragedy they brought into people's live. >> pg&e's president said they would update their improvement plans based on the report. >> unfortunately i no matter what i say or actions i take will never be able to make up the tragic loss of life and injury to the citizens of san bruno. >> reporter: as housing up where previous homes were obliterated, people hope the report leads to
5:36 am
a safer neighborhood. >> instead of tears in my eyes i have a smile in my heart because peoples lives are coming back on together. >> the puc also took a hit for its oversight. he with welcomed the report as well as a state audit of pg&e's safety program. >> a payroll manager for the san francisco giants is facing federal charges accused of embezzling $1.5 million from players. the affidavit filed last month, says 41-year-old robin o'conner admitted forging letter and diverting money from player accounts. she forged a letter to help explain large deposits into her account while applying for a loan to buy a house. the giants say they became aware of the embezzlement after the lender sent a copy of that letter to the team for confirmation. investigators say the giants then found another $900,000 that
5:37 am
she diverted to her personal accounts. i'm reminded of what prosecutors often say to juries which is we don't catch the smart ones. the people who get convicted are people that leave enough evidence behind to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> i-team reached o'conner through her facebook page. she says she wants to speak out about this but i'm not allowed do this as part of an agreement that i have at the moment. bart directors are expected to name seattle's former transportation chief as the new general manager this morning. the newspapers in seattle are reporting that bart has tentatively made the agreement. she on was the number two person of federal transit administration under from the clinton. bart's new lead will join the transit agency at that time a
5:38 am
when it is facing a storm of controversy. a fatal shooting by bart police has set off countless protests. time for a check on the forecast. as you mentioned not as much fog and low clouds. >> but a little chilly. >> the cooler temperatures, note the clouds out along the coast and moving away from the coast. that will be the trend during the afternoon hours. enjoy some of the sunshine at our beaches. watch out for the large swells, especially south bay beaches. it's about one degree cooler, napa fairfield and antioch. few other areas. slightly warmer than yesterday. clouds are mainly around the bay with fog up in the north bay valleys. you can see by 8:00, east bear valleys, santa clara valley pretty clear. by noon, clouds are back to the coast even a lot of pockets of
5:39 am
sunshine developing there with upper 50s to near 60 around half moon bay and san francisco. everybody else in the 70s for your lunchtime temperatures. by 4:00, look at all the sunshine, mid-50s from half moon bay, san francisco and santa cruz where the clouds are a little more stubborn. low to upper 70s in the north bay. in east bay valleys, right around 80 degrees. here is accu-weather seven-day forecast, look how quickly things turn around, 8-10 degrees warmer tomorrow and warmer on friday before slight cooling trend for the rest of the holiday weekend. good morning. we've got a live shot in san rafael, brand-new road surface southbound and northbound 101 and live shot past the civic center. taillights are headed in the southbound direction and speeds are good. no problems there as you head out of novato. drive times if you are traveling
5:40 am
highway 4, nice ride into concord, 680 out of central valley is pretty good or san ramon valley. toll plaza is a little crowded but moving well into san francisco. as rebels tighten control of libya, thoughts turn to rebuilding. a bay area nonprofit reaches out to provide relief for victims of the libyan conflict. >> and newly released documents revealed just how huge crush they have on apple.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back on this wednesday morning, it's 5:42. newly released documents that enough fake apple products are being made in china to. it was published by wikileaks. cable says the tech giant had no anti-counterfeiting team in place until early 2008, long after the i-pod was a worldwide hit. chinese government shut down a number of phony apple stores designed to look like the real thing. >> libyan rebels are confident
5:44 am
they will catch moammar khadafy. they say rebels have a good idea where he is hiding. alan wang shows many libyans here in the bay area are celebrating. >> he is back hope with the fellow libyan ex-patted patriots after celebrating the fall of benghazi. >> who gave you it. from who? [ laughter ] >> i'm ready to go. >> its special celebration at the fremont restaurant. the end of ramadan dan and the end of moammar khadafy's regime. he went back to witness it back in july. >> they knock out all the khadafy was shooting at civilians. >> many business people say friends and family suffered
5:45 am
under khadafy who i am pros on and scud any one that opposed him. >> some were taken to jail and some were hung publicly. >> now there is demand to get the country moving and many are trying to help. >> even basic medical needs. >> a doctor is arranging this 12,000 pound shipment of medical supplies to libya this friday. despite the wealth of their oil rich country many say the infrastructure has been in shamble for years. now there is an opportunity to change that. it's 5:45. a major phone company is talking about bringing jobs back to the u.s. >> floodwaters continue to cause damage from usual irene. i'll have more on that coming up. >> what do you think about
5:46 am
candidate for mayor agree it could happen for a car free market street. >> and new rules on the use of cameras to catch red light runners. >> and losing belly fat. is it better to lift weights or go jogging? you want to hear the bottom of line of a new study.h@ososososos
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welcome back. 5:48 and live doppler 7-hd, quiet this morning, sunshine just about everywhere. 64 in eureka. low to mid 90s in the central valley. comfortable 78 around tahoe and same thing around l.a. few clouds around san diego and 72. few clouds and sunshine, mixed in big sur. we're still following irene for you. destruction from the storm is not over for millions of americans. rising rivers from new jersey to new hampshire has cut off entire towns and left millions without power. john hendron shows us the latest. >> irene is gone but floodwaters continue to claim roads, homes and lives. it stretches from new jersey to new hampshire, 2.5 million homes and businesses are still without power. in vermont they are trying to
5:50 am
reach residents isolated by damaged roads. in conway, new hampshire, 22 were rescued in a matter of hours. >> the worst possible conditions swift water rescue, a guy in a tree hanging in a free in rising water in a house and ending up in the attic. >> the flood waters damaged 80 homes in conway alone. >> insurance estimates put the cost at $7-10 billion. that makes just half of the costs because so much of the damage was caused by flooding not covered in most homeowners policies. a raging wildfire has forced the evacuation of dozens of children at a summer camp in north texas. a fire official says at least 20 homes have been burned and 125 more are threatened. texas forest service says the fire has grown to about 3500 acres. the children were put on buses
5:51 am
and sent out of the area last night. the fire is being fueled by strong winds and triple-digit temperatures as mike has been telling us, 102 degrees today in dallas. >> in dallas, right and four days not at 100 since june 1st. exceptional drought. so they are getting hit from all sides. it's just devastating for them. back here at home. pretty quiet. changes are on the way. they will be subtle today. noticed a lot of sunshine. look at that, marine layer out there but the moisture, we're already seeing some signs of a sunrise that doesn't happen for another 40 minutes sore so. beautiful picture from sutro this morning. talk about the temperatures, clear in san rafael at 48. but fog, three qeert mile visibility in santa rosa. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. monterey bay inland, we do have
5:52 am
a lot of cloud cover and temperatures in the mid-50s. more sunshine everywhere even at the coast today. be careful at the coast, we have those large southerly swells coming in that are going to cause dangerous rip currents. it's going to be beautiful at the coast but the water potentially dangerous. still cooler than average even with all the sunshine. a quick warming trend tomorrow friday and saturday. summer is back in the forecast but in to next week, sunshine and dry temperatures and temperatures close to average. for today, everybody below average, oakland 4. livermore 5. redwood city, 9 degrees cooler than average 78 in dublin today. low to mid-80s for the rest of the east bay valleys, 80 in danville along with pleasanton. those are the warmest around the bay area. upper 60s in richmond and berkeley. low to mid-70s elsewhere.
5:53 am
mid to upper 70s in the south bay today. los gatos could be the odd one out 80 degrees. menlo park about 74. 69 in millbrae. mid-60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. low to mid 60s with sunshine at north bay beaches. mid to upper 70s through most of the north bay valleys. santa rosa northward we'll see a lot of 80s. monterey bay, this is where the clouds will hang around during the afternoon hours. you are in the 50s. 75 in hollister. low 80s gilroy and morgan hill. checking out the game. 12:45, high sunburn potential, sunshine, 52 warming up to 65 as we wind up our series with the cubs. 48 in half moon bay and cloverdale to the. everybody else, lack of clouds and temperatures in the 50s once again. the winds of change will come in
5:54 am
tomorrow and come in from the central valley. that is why we see a significant warming trend, 8-10 degrees warmer tomorrow. couple more on friday and slow tapering of the temperatures on saturday. if usual driving out of the central valley, westbound 205 at tracy boulevard, first reports of an accident. you seek slowing here as you head westbound over towards livermore and up across the altamont pass. that accident is blocking the left lane there. stall in oakland, southbound 880 a dump truck block the right lane at market street. no significant slowing yet but hopefully they will clear that out of there. drive times out of antioch, a little over 50 minutes. go to and check all the drive times and latest information, click on bay area traffic for the latest. major league baseball is about to come the first sports
5:55 am
league to offer live streaming video of its games on the airplanes. >> next time you or plane you might be able to watch your favorite baseball team play live. southwest airlines is scoring a deal for live streaming and broadcasts of major league games start smart phones and tablets. and new jobs, they are promising to bring 5,000 jobs back to the u.s. if it's allowed to pursue the $39 billion acquisition of t-mobile. at&t tries to win approval for the merger. apple's cofounder was adopted as an infant and he worked six days a week add a casino.
5:56 am
at the new york stock exchange, bloomberg business report. >> you know san francisco market street already has a partial closure but now political support for keeping most traffic out completely. san francisco chronicle is reporting that several mayoral candidates on ho who attended a planning forum earlier this week said it would be a good thing for the city. supervisor david chu and ed lee and dennis herrara support the idea. they say closing the street to cars would be bicycling safer. other supervisors oppose the idea. the state assembly passed a bill that would restrict the use of those red light cameras. bill requires that the cameras be used to are public safety not to generate revenue from traffic fines. and they would have to post warning signs 200 feet before
5:57 am
the cameras. they introduced a bill after a complaint. the bill now returns to the senate that approved an earlier version. >> new said says if you want to lose belly fat you have to move, not lift. researchers tested overweight sedentary adults with aerobics and weight lifting. aerobics burns 67% more calories than lifting weights. it was far more effective of getting rid of the kind of fat that many people deep within the abdomen. >> and with weights you can burn more calories from muscles. >> coming up, a oakland suspect that needed a a little help from firefighters. >> and kids with guns, new fallout over an old decision made by santa rosa s.w.a.t. team >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where city
5:58 am
councilman simply wants to lower the speed limit around schools to 15 miles an hour but some are saying, slow down, we don't need it and we can't afford it.???
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